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Sutton Laurence King Lawyers are a full service property law firm that completes over 500 conveyances a year. If you are selling or purchasing a property, the details are important because mistakes can be costly. Our team are experienced, efficient property law professionals whose aim is to make your conveyancing transaction hassle-free.

SLK Lawyers will assist you with:

  • Co-ownership agreement
  • A review of the sale contract
  • Due diligence on the property title
  • Applying for grants and concessions
  • The transfer of the property to you

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Mortgage Mates-Why Rent? Share a mortgage with compatible Mates!

The Bumble of homeownership, Mortgage Mates matches two or more Mates to own a home together based on housing need such as location, price and deposit amount, and, houseMate preferences include whether you are a dog or a cat person!


To make contact with Mortgage Mates, or to have any questions answered please reach out to daisy@mortgagemates.com.au

To Meet your Mates go to www.mortgagemates.com.au to sign up Match.

Why choose us?

If you’re a buyer

If you’re interested in buying property, the three most popular ways to do this are:

Purchasing property directly (Direct Real Estate Investing)
Purchasing property through a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)
Using Property Mates to connect with like-minded investors to buy property together.

Buying a property with other co-owners helps you get on the property ladder faster, but with less risk as you decide the budget that you’re comfortable spending. No need to take out a large home loan that will take the next 30 years to pay off, or have to buy in a less desirable area. With Property Mates, you can buy a portion of a quality property – from a 1% stake to 100% ownership – and start earning rental income straight away.

If you’re a seller

If you already own a property, then Property Mates gives you more flexibility when it comes time to sell. Property Mates is the only platform in Australia which enables property owners to list a portion of a property for sale, connecting the seller with potential buyers who are interested in co-owning the property. Or, if you want to sell the entire property, Property Mates enables you to do that as well by connecting you with an individual buyer. It really depends on your financial and lifestyle goals.

The below table compares the five main methods of buying and selling property in Australia:

Property portion(s) under