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      Property Mates

      It is an open-ended discussion that can be used by a Property Mates member (buyer or seller) to ask a property-related question. Other members can provide answers, or share their experiences.

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      Kartik Gupta

      Hi Paras ,

      I am on board & just testing the system on how it works 🙂 I recently listed one of my properties 20% share for sale & then i discovered Property mates. This is exactly the kind of system i was looking for . I have listed that property on Property Mates as well . It will be very exciting when there are multiple listings & investors 🙂 .

      Few questions for you :

      – How does the stamp duty works when we list a portion of property for sale ?
      – How does the buyer verifies the titles on the property & whats the settlement/ transfer process ?
      – Can we sell a share of property which has a mortgage on it or is the partial sale only suitable for Properties which have no mortgage ?
      – How can the buyer verify the Market Value , Property Rentals & Authenticity of the Vendor / Seller ?
      – Is there a direct one on one negotiation between the buyer & other potential partners we may connect with on the platform ?
      – If we make a connection through Property mates , do we still do all the agreements through our own conveyancers / legal team or do you guys have a backend setup for that as well .
      – Capital Gain Tax on sale of property usually is calculated based on date of contracts . Do we have a real estate contract when we sell the portion of property followed by a settlement date or will it be a Share transfer contract ?

      Thats all for now & will come up with more questions in due course …

      Kartik G

Viewing 2 reply threads
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