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Campbell Conveyancing will assist you with:

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  • Purchase and Sales
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Shannon is the business owner/licensed conveyancer of Campbell Conveyancing. She is passionate about property investing and development and is invested in her client’s well-being. She had worked in the legal industry for over 14 years and completed her Advanced Diploma in Conveyancing in 2016 when she decided to open her own mobile conveyancing business.

Shannon makes sure that she is educated on the latest conveyancing procedures and legislation and is knowledgeable in the current Council Planning Schemes and is able to advise you as to whether a property would be suitable for your intended use.

Shannon has contact with a number of professionals who specialize in the property such as draftsmen, builders, concreters, landscapers, stylists, removalists, town planners, real estate agents, building inspectors, etc. As a conveyancer, Shannon enjoys seeing her clients progress past the conveyancing process and see what they are able to create.

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