About Us

Property Mates is Australia’s first digital platform that makes it easy to buy or sell a portion of a property – from a 1% stake to 100% ownership.

Helping smart investors buy property together

Property prices are continuing to grow faster than incomes – putting property ownership out of reach of many Australians. What if there was a way to make the property market more accessible – regardless of budget?

We believe the solution lies in collaborating with other like-minded property investors to buy and own property together, using technology to enable the perfect match.

Property Mates - Making property ownership accessible to everyone.

You’re just 3 steps away from co-owning the property that’s right for you.

1. Create a profile
2. Select your preferred locations and budget
3. Connect with others to purchase

Do you own property in Australia?

If yes, you can sell the entire property or just a percentage of it on Property Mates, allowing you to retain some ownership of the property in a way that suits your financial goals.

Less risk and more reward

Our strict verification process means you’re only dealing with genuine buyers and sellers – all with the same goal of wanting a more flexible approach to property ownership. And when you’re ready to sell your portion, you can easily find the next owner on Property Mates.

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