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Property Mates is Australia’s first social platform that connects buyers, sellers and experts to share advice, find co-buyers and buy or sell 1% to 100% of a property.

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For buyers...

With rising house prices, property investing is out of reach for many Australians. Property Mates can help get your foot in the door, even if you’re on a tight budget.

Find ‘Group Buyers’ willing to invest in a property with you and share the cost. Or find property owners ready to sell a percentage of their home to you as a low-cost investment.

Whether you buy in a group or buy a percentage of a property by yourself, your property investment can help improve your credit score, build equity and sell your share when your property value increases. And remember, you can find new buyers right here on Property Mates!

Looking to buy outright? Property Mates you’lll find plenty of properties to buy in full. Whether you’re looking for a new home or you’re growing your portfolio, our sought-after experts are here to help you buy your dream property!

For sellers…

Ready to move on, or simply release some equity?
We’ll connect you with investors who can help you release equity or sell outright. List your property today for free. No commissions, no hidden fees.

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You’re in safe hands.

Inside our community, you’ll find a wide range of top-rated, highly vetted property experts ready to help you buy or sell with confidence. From legal to insurance, listings to finance, there’s someone standing by to help you today.

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Meet our team

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Paras Kumar linkedin-color-icoFounder

With over 15 years of high-level IT experience leading teams in data warehousing, programming, and business intelligence, combined with strengths in client engagement, Paras successfully co-founded Airlines Technology which was acquired in 2019. In 2021, Paras founded Property Mates to help more Australians get their foot in the door of property investing and ownership. Today, through his innovative platform, Paras is passionate and proud to help everyday Aussies create a better future for their families.

Tracy Lyn Biligan Marketing manager

Awarded as Outstanding Scholar from the DICT Philippines' GVA program and with the Highest Honor Award in the ICT Strand, Tracy graduated with Latin honor in Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. Today, Tracy is the tech wizard behind Property Mates platform, helping the social site run smoothly from day one.

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