Homelessness week 2022: “to end homelessness we need a plan”


This week is Homelessness week, so what do we know about it? 


Right now, there are over 116,000 people experiencing homelessness in Australia (according to the 2016 Census). And it’s undeniable that the true number in 2022 is to be far higher. We are joining to help raise awareness and educate fellow Australians on how we can all contribute to innovative housing solutions and make a difference. 

Homelessness week runs from August 1-7 and the theme is “to end homelessness we need a plan”. We couldn’t agree more. We need a plan and fortunately, the new Federal Government has committed to developing a national housing and homelessness plan. This gives hope to all the people affected.  

As the cost of living is higher than people’s incomes, rents quickly rise, and property prices are higher than ever, it is necessary to do more to elude homelessness.  

There is a lot that we can do and it will take time. We can start by making sure people’s income allows them to afford the current housing market. Provide more affordable and safe housing, and support for people that need to sustain a home. 

Nothing will change if we do not act now and housing affordability affects every Australian. we need the help and support of everyone in our communities to raise awareness and build momentum.  

Homelessness Australia launched its major report ‘A Plan To End Homelessness’ and there are important facts and recommendations that can definitely help end this. Read the report here. 

Property Mates has been a pioneer in helping people buy their homes within their budget. With the co-ownership concept in place on our platform, we want people to decide on their budget and buy a home together. We recently added a community of experts to help you every step of the way. Together we can help and contribute to end homelessness. 



David Acosta 

August 2, 2022